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Ignorance of Federal Firearms Law is no Excuse

Lawfully filling out an ATFE 4473 Form and Avoiding a Federal Criminal Charge If you watch many television shows or evening news, it is very easy to associate the term “indictment”–someone who has been indicted–with a big federal case. The same thing appears on the caption of newspapers, like “77 Drug Cartel Members Indicted by U.S. Attorney.” However, a pending arrest in state court for a felony or a crime for which you may be punished by a period of a year or more incarceration is an “indictment” for purposes of purchasing a firearm and truthfully answering question 11(b) on the AFT Form 4473 (revised April, 2012).1 This question states:… Read More

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Can a Convicted Felon Purchase or Possess Any Type of Firearm?

Being a practicing attorney who handles firearms questions and legal issues, Ciyou & Dixon, P.C.’s attorneys, including Bryan L. Ciyou, encounter a number of routine questions and misconceptions as it relates to firearms. One area of constant inquiry and some misunderstanding, is whether a felon may purchase or possess a firearm of any type at any time and circumstance. As a general proposition, there is a bright line rule (black and white) under federal law that prohibits any person convicted of a felony from purchasing or possessing any type of firearm. While there is a provision of federal law that would allow certain felons to have their rights to purchase… Read More

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